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Campus Driven is a college planning, preparation and educational resource center for college-bound middle school and high school students. We have retained the services of a Certified College Counselor to assist students along with their parents in realizing, recognizing and ultimately reaching their postsecondary goals. Whether it be community college, a 4-year college or university, trade school, or the working world, we assist students in mapping out a personalized plan for their future and successfully navigating through high school and into college.

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Brina Reeves  |  Certified College Counselor

College Counseling Certificate, University of California San Diego, Bachelors of Science, Chapman University

As an experienced College Counselor working in Orange County and surrounding areas over the past several years, Brina has helped many students along with their families plan for their future after high school. There are many routes students can choose to pursue, and almost anything is achievable with the right support and guidance. We are happy to partner with Brina to help our students and families navigate the process.